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Are you tired of changing your chain and sprockets every 10000 miles and spending loads of cash? Do you find other automatic chain oilers somehow too expensive? Forget about it all now. The Motooiler® will make your chain last up to 7 times longer! It has been proven that using Motooiler® you can expect as much as 40000miles from one set of chain and sprockets in normal riding conditions!!! If you are here it proves you’re on the hunt for something to make your chain and sprockets last longer, much longer but without all the fuss with spraying your chain every 200km with the sticky stuff.

The V-oila™ product, called Motooiler®, successfully competes with the appliances readily available on the market but at a price that will not ruin your budget. The running cost of the V-oila™ solution is cut down even further as it can be used with any ordinary hypoid gear oil that comes at a low price and which is that something that will make your drive train deliver all the goods it has been designed for.

V-OILA™ Motooiler® advantages:

  • All fixtures made of stainless industry grade steel cut by CNC laser cutter;

  • The dosing is as precise and easy as you might have dreamt of – from as little as nothing in riding dry to a lot in heavy rain. All at a turn of a knob. All controlled by simple yet effective electronics.

  • Riding off-road? Unlike other chain oilers the V-oila™ Motooiler® can be switched off at a flick of a thumb when doing ‘sand’! Crossing water? Switch it on and let the oil flow… With the Motoiler® your chain will always be happy.

  • You can install the V-oila™ Motooiler® on your bike in as little as 30 minutes, the kit contains all you need to get your machine back on the tarmac. All you need is a couple of simple tools and basic DIY skills;

  • No fiddling with the engine vacuum ports needed;

  • You can use any kind of cheapo hypoid gear oil which is best for your chain. No matter really whether it is mineral or synthetic;

  • Motooiler not only lubricates the chain – it also keeps your chain clean;

  • Low running cost;


  • Although it is mostly handmade it is not made In China ;)


Purchasing Motoiler® you buy a great product at a great price. It has been designed by motorcyclists and for motorcyclists. It has been completely made in the EU. The Motooiler® sports a one year producer warranty from the date of purchase for faults in material and craftsmanship and also full technical customer support. Although we are pretty busy with production and working on new products we do our best to reply to your emails in a timely manner /max 24h/.

Should you have some really urgent issue you can always reach us on our phone during the business hours: 07.00 – 17.00 CET.

All orders shipped in max 48h. Ask about shipping cost.



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